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Gather-NOW provides unique and powerful on-site scriptural programs that are SUBSIDIZED so that all those who want to learn and serve can do so            

(FREE TRIPS to those who qualify). 

These Scriptural Programs include trips to the Holy Land, American & Church History locations, Book of Mormon Land sites, and also scriptural Humanitarian Service trips and are all powered by Anderson Tours. 

Participants will learn on location through first-hand experiences the truths found in the scriptures and enjoy total immersion and complete context at various scriptural locations around the world. These focused learning experiences will deepen understanding of key doctrines relative to our assignments and opportunities in the Last Days with special emphasis placed on the current prophetic priorities outlined by the Living Prophet. (Current emphasis is to help individuals prepare for and accept the Prophets invitation to “engage in the most important and significant work happening on the earth right now…the Gathering of Israel”).