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We acknowledge the fact that there are a variety of theories on the location of Book of Mormon Lands events. Our Tours to Central America explore the Book of Mormon theories in that beautiful part of the world. The fact that we are sponsoring Tours to this part of the world does not necessarily represent or strongly promote our support of this area as THE location for Book of Mormon events, but rather serves to explore this theory and if nothing else be a scriptural journey into the Book of Mormon and will expose you to some incredible Mayan Ruins and fantastic Central American terrain, cuisine, and experiences. We hope you will consider joining us on our unforgettable Book of Mormon Lands Tours to Mesoamerica with Dr. Clark Anderson, Dr. Ron Anderson as tour guides with the expertise of Jeffrey Burrows as local tour guide as we visit important places of interest in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico beginning in 2017.

Anderson Tours has been interested in offering Book of Mormon Land Tours for a very long time now. We are pleased to be able to do so for our 20th Anniversary year in 2017. We have been waiting for the right time and opportunity to be able to deliver an Anderson Tours experience in Central America for the theories of Book of Mormon and the time is now!

We are pleased to partner with the knowledgeable Jeffrey Burrows for our first tour offerings. We understand there are various theories regarding Book of Mormon geography and we don’t necessarily throw our full support for Central America being the actual geography for the Book of Mormon, however, we do find it fascinating and extremely educational to be able to visit these sites and explore these theories firsthand in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Book of Mormon history and doctrines. While we cannot promise you that the sites are THE sites, we can promise you an edifying experience exploring the theories and focusing on the doctrines of the Book of Mormon. We promise you on this Tour an edifying scriptural experience to an ancient civilization of the fascinating Mayan people and to the beautiful lands and people in Central America.

This part of the world is unique and it will be our opportunity to have an Anderson Tours scriptural experience while exploring these geographical possibilities for the Book of Mormon events. We hope you will consider joining us for this unique experience! It will change your life!

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