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Anderson Tours Holy Land Programs

Our Holy Land Tours are our family speciality! We have been learning about, studying, and orchestrating impactful Holy Land Tours for over forty years! Our father A. Gary Anderson was director at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies on two separate occasions which allowed the entire Anderson Family two entire semesters to learn about the culture, history, language, and ways of the Middle East. This was only the beginning of our involvement and study of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Two of the Anderson boys; Clark & Ron would follow their father professionally in teaching Seminary and Institute and would continue on the tradition of directing Tours to the Holy Land. Twenty years ago the Anderson brothers launched their maiden voyage tour to Israel under the name Shalom Tours. It was a smashing success and as the Tour experience improved and refined itself in impact the name was changed to its current name, Anderson Tours.

Our Holy Land Experience and Tour Itinerary has been carefully crafted and developed for over 4 decades now and we feel strongly that it is the very best on the market. We have learned the dos and don’ts and how to maximize each day and every site visited, in what order, and what and how to present on site. We realize that your experience in the Holy Land may be a ‘one and only’ for you and we want you to have THE very best experience possible!

Another reason you should experience the Holy Land with the Andersons is the Tour extension options that we offer. We offer our participants the option of visiting Petra, Mt. Sinai, the Red Sea, and the wonders of Egypt! Our first tour extension option is a visit to one of the newly voted ‘Wonders of the World’, Petra, Jordan. This is a magnificent experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. We are one of the only groups that make the effort to travel to and climb Mt. Sinai. This is something every pilgrim should do as part of their Holy Land pilgrimage and is always one of the highlights for our participants. What a powerful experience to climb up this ancient Temple! Included in this portion is some time snorkelling and deep sea diving in the Red Sea which is one of THE very best places to do so in the World. (It is currently ranked the #3 location in the world for snorkelling). Lastly, we offer an unparalleled experience of exploring the ancient ruins and Temples in Egypt. This experience will forever change your personal Temple experience. The Andersons have made Temples and Egyptian Temples a focus of their expertise and deliver an unparalleled experience in Egypt that is sure to enhance and strengthen your conviction of the Temple Endowment and its origin and impact. You will not get the same experience with another group! Years of study in Egypt have led to the insights we are able to provide!

We have mastered the Holy Land Tour experience in its totality and are pleased to offer 5 tours for our 20th Anniversary Year (2017). We are also sad to announce that for now, our plan is for 2017 to be the last year we will offer Tours to the Holy Land. We may offer one in the spring of 2018 but that will be our last Holy Land Tour offering. There are many reasons for this…some of their safety related, others just a feeling that tours will no longer be possible to offer to that part of the world. There never has been a better time to visit the Holy Land! It is safe and if it’s on your bucket list you should strongly consider doing it while it is still possible!

We hope you will strongly consider joining us for one of our final Tour offerings to the Holy Land in 2017. Each Tour is carefully crafted in order for you to maximize your sacred visit and pilgrimage to the Holy Land! No one provides a better experience! We humbly guarantee it!

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