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Anderson Tours Cruise Programs

The Andersons have spent the past few decades developing meaningful cruise experiences in the form of Service Cruises, Relationship Cruises, as well as Educational Cruises. Anderson Tours is pleased to be able to offer a variety of significant, impactful, and meaningful cruise experiences for all ages. (Details below)

Upcoming Cruise Schedule, Ship, and Port City:
October 25 – Nov 5, 2021 – Service Cruise – Western Caribbean – Miami, Florida
February 13-20, 2022 – Marital Magic Humanitarian Cruise – Miami, Florida

Educational/Historical Cruises are cruise experiences which include visits to specific historical ports like Jerusalem, Rome, Greece, Turkey, Ephesus, etc. Anderson Tours provides insightful educational lectures and instructional sessions on the sea days on board the ship as well as insightful instruction on site. We specialize in providing unique and powerful educational and edifying experiences that provide insight and meaning to the sites visited. Anderson Tours excels in providing these meaningful experiences on-site and in preparing participants for the historical sites visited. We can also combine these historical insights with relationship activities for those interested in receiving relationship instruction along with the historical sites and visits. These experiences are also enhanced by the regular activities and excellent cuisine provided by the cruise ship and staff. These Anderson Tours Educational and Historical Cruise experiences are the best of all worlds!

Service Cruises provide humanitarian service opportunities in the ports we visit. We serve alongside the locals in meaningful ways. We specialize in providing unique and powerful service opportunities that have a dramatic effect on both the recipient and the participant. Being able to visit a local orphanage or underfunded school and provide needed service to the children is an edifying experience in comparison to only doing the typical cruise ship shores excursions like taking a jeep ride, horseback riding, or zip lining. With our Service Cruises, we promise the versatility and time to do both the service activities as well as the fun excursions.

Service Activities will be at all of the port cities visited by the cruise ship. It may be that a volunteer does not want to join our service at all of the ports. Every port city will have service activities planned and where applicable may also include a more typical shore excursion experience, such as visiting a Mayan ruin, etc. Whether or not such an excursion is part of our port visit will depend on the local opportunities and must-sees. Participants will also have the latitude of engaging in the traditional cruise shore excursions at any given port rather than our service activities if they so choose. In addition to the service activities planned, there is often adequate time to experience both a service activity and another shore excursion once the service activities are completed.

Service Activities often require preparation prior to our port visit. In such cases, participants on the cruise ship will be given the opportunity to help our staff in these preparations (for example; assemble hygiene kits, tie blankets, etc.). In this way, those not physically able to attend the activity at the port will still be able to support and serve.

At Anderson Tours we regard relationships as eternal and the foundation of a successful and happy life. Relationships are one of those rare treasures that continue on with you and last forever. We also know that they take work and training. Our Relationship Cruises are carefully developed to create relationship opportunities for singles, couples, businesses, families, etc. Anderson Tours specializes in innovative retreats to exotic locations which include professional instruction, ‘Amazing Race’ type activities in these countries, tools, time, activities, service, and other ingredients which create an ideal environment to develop and improve essential elements of successful relationships. Certain cruises will include professional instruction and training on such things as communication, intimacy, appreciation, love languages, resolving conflicts, and overall balance. This instruction and practice will help strengthen your relationships as you spend relaxing time together in an environment where you can focus solely on your relationship. If you want to enhance your life by creating or strengthening a relationship then our Anderson Tour Relationship Cruise is the perfect opportunity and instrument to do it! We encourage you to join us in a unique and fantastic experience working on those things that last a lifetime and beyond!

Couples & Group Cruises: Retreat on a 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise for those in a committed relationship or connected together due to work, family, etc. On certain Specialty Cruises, you will receive expert instruction from a professional on relationship-building activities and tools as well as an overall approach to happiness and well-being that will give you the tools and practice you need to develop successful relationships. Spend a vacation with your significant other, family, work associates, etc. and not only enjoy exotic locations but add to that professional instruction with time to practice and implement valuable tools. All of this adds up to the perfect environment and opportunity to strengthen your existing RELATIONSHIPS on our Specialty Cruise specifically focused on strengthening relationships.

Singles Cruises (and other Excursions): Our Singles Cruise includes an ‘Amazing Race’ element which will provide unique opportunities to mix, mingle, work together, and get to know each other in a non-threatening and engaging environment while racing and discovering exotic locations. Certain Specialty Cruises for Singles will also receive expert instruction from a professional counsellor who will instruct them on RELATIONSHIP building skills and relationship insights on the ‘sea days’. Engage in mingling activities both formally and informally on the ship as our expert staff orchestrates a fantastic environment to develop meaningful relationships with others. These Specialty Cruises provide an ideal environment to meet and mix with other singles and to potentially meet that significant other missing in your life.

Typical Western Caribbean (7-night) Cruise Information:
Cruise’s Port City Destinations:
Cozumel, Mexico
Belize City, Belize
Roatan, Honduras

Relationship Activities: Build and strengthen your relationship with your significant others by engaging in our ‘on-board’ instructional sessions as well as the ‘in port’ relationship-building activities calculated to help you build, analyze, and develop relationship skills which greatly aid in maintaining a strong relationship.

Service Projects: Projects may vary depending on need. But typically, our projects include activities such as building an orphanage, providing educational instruction or games that stimulate growth, working on school grounds maintenance, and making hospital visits.
Cruise Lines we use: Royal Caribbean or Carnival

Age of volunteers: 18 years and older. (Participants under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult)

Cost: The price of your cruise already includes all costs associated with the professional instruction, guide services and service shore excursions provided by Anderson Tours! It covers all provisions associated with providing an unforgettable experience for each participant in every cruise port we visit. In each port, the cost includes all transportation to and from the on-shore location, all service materials, lunch, t-shirt, access to our onboard activities, a tour journal, etc. On-board, it covers all the cruise host’s services and participation in several group activities. (There will be an additional $250 per person charge on cruises where a licensed professional accompanies the cruise.) The price of flights and cruises vary and will depend on the current availability at the time of booking. (For questions on current cruise prices, please contact Traverse Travel at 801-821-2299, or Clark at

Your Cruise Package Includes:
Shipboard accommodations
Airport transfers to and from the ship (from the port city’s closest airport)
Port taxes and fees
All onboard gratuities
Professional activities and educational sessions
Fabulous entertainment and daily activities
On-board meals
Transportation to and from service activities
Service activity materials and expenses
Lunch on both of our service days

Your Cruise Package Does NOT Include:
Airline transportation to the port city (although we can assist with that if desired)
Personal expenses
Shore excursions outside of our included service activities
Alcoholic beverages

Things To Do Before the Tour:

Register for your cruise! The Registration link is at the top of each page on our website. After you’ve registered through our website, Anderson Tours will book your cruise through our affiliate, Traverse Travel. If you’d like to upgrade your stateroom (your standard package price includes an inside cabin), please contact us just as soon as you’ve completed your registration. That way, we can be sure to book the type of stateroom cabin you’re looking for.

Book your flights to the port city: Anderson Tours can help with booking your flights if desired.
After Registering, you will be contacted with additional information specific to the cruise of your choice.

SAMPLE CRUISE ITINERARY (Actual activities will vary depending on the type of cruise you are on):
At the three ports of call in Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico we’ll spend the day engaged in meaningful service activities and/or relationship-building activities. Below is a typical Itinerary for our Specialty Cruises:

Recommended Pre-Cruise Travel and Prep Day: Fly to Port City (Galveston, TX or New Orleans, LA). You may choose to fly to the port city on the cruise’s day of departure. However, it’s generally recommended that you consider flying in the day prior, just in case you encounter any flight delays that may cause you to miss the ship’s departure! However, please be aware that any expenses incurred for hotel or travel costs prior to the cruise are the participant’s responsibility and are not included in the cruise package.


Today we board and explore our beautiful cruise ship. This massive ship will be our home away from home for the next 7 days. Enjoy exploring the various features of the cruise ship; pools, dining and food opportunities, chapel, study areas, spa, theatres, etc. Don’t miss out on all the welcome aboard festivities and events. For those interested in participating in a worship service, there will be an opportunity in the Chapel on board the ship (specific details still forthcoming). Prior to dinner, we will meet as a group for specific instruction relative to our group and activities on board.


Today is a day full of group activities, as well as onboard entertainment and relaxation! We will meet at a designated time and place to either receive professional instruction on relationship building or to spend time with the group preparing for our upcoming service activities. There are also endless activities and opportunities provided today by the cruise staff. There will be ample time to relax and enjoy some R&R, along with taking advantage of all the unique activities associated with cruise ship travel.


Roatan provides us with some of our favourite shore excursion activities. We will begin our day’s activities by serving at either a local all-boys orphanage or at a local underfunded school there in Roatan. Both are in need of our help! We’ll be providing basic maintenance and interacting with the children. The rest of our day will be consumed with relationship activities (“Amazing Relationship Race”) where you will discover the beautiful island of Roatan where you will eat at a poolside café, become acquainted with monkeys and parrots in a natural setting, tour the history of the island, ride a zipline through the jungle canopy, etc. (some of those activities require additional fees). From treetops to sea chests, there are adventures that abound! This evening we will enjoy another relaxing evening on the ship.


Today is a full day in Belize! The port in Belize requires a boat tender to reach the shore. This is all part of the fun! Once we are all in the port we will meet and be introduced to our local tour guide for the day. He will lead us to our service destination located near the port. We will enjoy serving at a local school and also focus on our relationship assignments for the day. Following our morning visit we enjoy a visit to one of the most impressive destination sites in Belize. The Lamoni ruin excursion today not only showcases many of the beauties and wonders of Belize, but it also has significance to those of the LDS faith. (This area is believed by many to be that of the events of King Lamoni. The local ruin bears his name). This will be a fantastic day seeing the sights and sounds of Belize as well as working on our relationship activities while providing service to a local school.


We will disembark and have a little shopping time as we are securing the transportation to our activity or service locations. We will engage in our service activities first and have the opportunity to bless and work with two organizations today; Ciudad de Angeles (City of Angels) Orphanage, and Hogar Juan Pablo II Old Folks Home. Our afternoon will be an unforgettable one as we engage in our “Amazing Relationship Race”. We will be divided into teams and explore Cozumel as we engage in activities that acquaint us with the country, culture, and most importantly insights into our relationship with our teammates. This evening we enjoy a relaxing evening on board the ship.


After three straight days of shore explorations, “Relationship Races”, and service activities, the final day of our tour will provide a welcomed day of rest and recovery on board our amazing cruise ship! We will have insightful educational classes that we offer as well as all the amenities and activities provided for your pleasure by the cruise staff. Enjoy exercise in the fitness centre, reading in the quiet areas of the boat, swimming, bingo, spa treatments, classes, games, rest, casino, or whatever your heart desires as we make our way back to the United States.


Today, we disembark early in the morning and make our way to the airport. We return to our various destinations with amazing memories, new friends, and strengthened relationships!

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