Anderson Tours LLC specializes in LDS Tours to Israel, Egypt, as well as LDS Church History Tours, Book of Mormon Land Tours to Mesoamerica, and specialty Cruises. Our expertise is in providing sacred and meaningful experiences at various scriptural sites throughout the world. What sets us apart from other companies is our GROUP SIZES! By design we limit our tour group size to small, manageable groups which has a tremendous impact on the type of experience you have. Your LDS Israel Tour, LDS Church History Tour, Book of Mormon Land Tour experience should be approached with the most ideal circumstances as possible for you to maximize your spiritual and scriptural insights. With over 4 decades of refinement and success we promise that your LDS Tour with us will be both memorable and meaningful. Personalized, scriptural experiences are ideal when done in small personalized groups and this is our specialty. Most companies strive to maximize profit by taking large groups but at Anderson Tours we strive diligently to maximize your insights and scriptural experiences. This is where the magic happens!

At Anderson Tours we take your experience very seriously! We understand the sacred and delicate nature of visiting holy sites on an organized tour and we know this may be your one and only time to visit these sacred sites. So much of your experience at sacred sites depends on the attitudes, philosophies and motivations of the people organizing the tour and those directing the experience. In placing your trust in a company that will provide you with such sacred experiences this point becomes paramount and cannot be overstated! At Anderson Tours each LDS Israel Tour, LDS Church History Tour, Book of Mormon Land Tour, and Specialty Cruise is prepared and executed with this in mind. We do our very best to keep our selected scriptural Mission Statement at the forefront of all we do;

Alma 36:24; “Yea, and from that time even until now, I (we) have labored without ceasing, that I (we) might bring souls unto repentance; that I (we) might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I (we) did taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.”

This verse describes beautifully the reasons Anderson Tours came to be and the desires it embraces. Anderson Tours’ whole intent is for each traveler to be edified by the Spirit and draw closer to their Creator. This driving philosophy is evident in everything we do and we invite you to investigate what people are saying about their experience with us at these sacred sites.

The Anderson Tours story began with Dr. A. Gary Anderson, who taught Religion in the Church History department at Brigham Young University for 25 years. He was an extraordinary man with a unique ability to touch lives. During his time at BYU he directed several LDS Tours for the BYU Travel Study program and allowed his family to travel with him on multiple occasions. They were inspired as they had personal, spiritual experiences at sacred places while visiting Israel, Egypt, and American and Church History sites. Gary’s passion for the ‘Spirit of Place’ was contagious, and all nine Anderson children came to appreciate the value and power of being “on site” while learning of the sacred events of the scriptures.

In 1995, Gary passed away and the Anderson family took a healing trip to the Holy Land to revisit places he had loved and taught so well. Two of Gary’s sons; Clark and Ron followed in their father’s footsteps professionally. Ron has been in CES for 36 years and currently teaches on the BYU-Idaho Religion Faculty. Clark taught for 20 years in CES including six years as Institute Director at the Laramie Institute. Combined they have over 56 years of experience in teaching Religious Education and have also directed over 50 LDS Tours to Israel, Egypt and Church History sites. Their father lit the flame and instilled the desire in them. From there, these two experienced sons have taken the on-site learning phenomenon and refined it over and over again so that your Anderson Tours experience is now a proven, tested and effective program with over 40 tours under their belt. You will discover this ‘power of place’ experience manifesting itself in every detail of the tour. With 40 years of proven experience we are confident that your LDS Tour to Israel, Egypt, LDS Church History Tours, Book of Mormon Lands Tours, and Specialty Cruises with Anderson Tours will be second to none! The motives are pure; the directors are sensational and seasoned and understand what it takes to provide participants with an on-site scriptural experience.

Our company was first operating under the name Shalom Tours from the years 1997 through 1999. The name was changed to Anderson Tours, LLC in 2000 and soon American Heritage/Church History itineraries were added to the list of offered trips. Anderson Tours continued providing travel opportunities and found that the thrill of each tour was actually being “on site” to learn and discover the scriptures together—just as Gary loved to do. In 2017 as part of their 20th year celebration Anderson Tours will expand their Tour offerings to include Book of Mormon Lands Tours as well as Specialty Cruises of various varieties.

Several things set us apart from other companies. One of the most important difference is we feel strongly that GROUP SIZE has a big impact to the type of experience you have at these sites. At Anderson Tours maximizing your experience spiritually is our main objective not maximizing profits and this is most often evidenced in group sizes! We do all we can to ensure that your LDS Israel Tour, LDS Church History Tour, Book of Mormon Lands Tour, and Specialty Cruise is insightful, uplifting, edifying, educational, enjoyable and most importantly a spiritual and scriptural experience. We feel this can only be accomplished with a manageable sized group. Most or our groups are between 20 to 30 participants and we limit our Tours to one bus load (40) to maximize your experience. This makes all the difference in the world! Another fundamental difference is we are very direct with you about the price of our Tours. With us there are NO HIDDEN COSTS (be careful with this with other organizations)

As the demand for quality LDS tours increased, the Anderson Family alone was not able to meet the needs of all those who wanted to have the Anderson Tours experience. They found, however, that some of their CES colleagues and associates shared their same philosophy and wanted to help others discover the power found in learning from the scriptures on hallowed ground. Anderson Tours expanded, adding other tours as well as carefully selected tour directors in order to help as many people as possible to participate. Today Anderson Tours continues to do all it can to bring the power of the scriptures and the power of place to each participant and invites you to discover the magic of the “on site” classroom with us as we visit sacred places throughout the world.