Christmas Holy Land Tour 2021
Dec 22th – Jan 2nd
Director: Dr. Clark D. Anderson


Day 1-2 (Wed & Thurs Dec 22-23rd): FLY FROM USA to TEL AVIV
Today we fly from the USA to Tel Aviv. When we arrive we will go directly to the Mount of Olives for a view of ‘the Golden City’. We overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 3 (Fri Dec 24th): CHRISTMAS EVE in BETHLEHEM
Today is the biggest day of the year in Bethlehem and we get the honor of visiting and participating in all that it has to offer at this special time of year. We will view and explore the traditional birthplace of the Savior in Bethlehem (Church of the Nativity) as well as “The Wall” (the 20’ cement wall security barrier separating Israel and Palestinian controlled land). Around noon we will enjoy the local festivities which include a parade in Manger Square, local entertainment, food, etc. This afternoon as the sun sets, we will go out into a local Shepherd’s Field near Bethlehem and reflect on the account of the first Christmas in Luke II. We will enjoy a bon-fire and share testimonies of the Living Christ and His humble beginnings. We overnight in Jerusalem.

This morning will be one of the most special and memorable days of our lives as we spend Christmas Day in Bethlehem & Jerusalem. We begin our day in Gethsemane and also attending Church Services at the remarkable BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. The view of Jerusalem during our Service is inspiring. We will spend the rest of our Christmas Day in Bethlehem providing service. Our service activities will include working at the SOS Orphanage and/or spending time with the handicapped children at the Hogar Nino Dios foster home in Bethlehem. This will be an opportunity to give to a community that has been hurting and suffering in many ways since the building of “The Wall”. We again overnight in Jerusalem.

Our morning begins with a visit to the place where Jews believe is the Center of the Universe and where the Spirit of the Lord resides with a visit to the Tunnels at the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. We view the Dome of the Rock, the Wailing Wall, etc. and discuss the past, present and future of that significant site for all three major religions: Jews, Muslims, & Christians. Next we will visit the unique historical museums in Jerusalem. The Israeli Museum displays the Dead Sea Scrolls and also features the very impressive miniature model of the city of Jerusalem in Christ’s day; The Model City. We conclude our museum visits with the sobering Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem. Time permitting we will enjoy the sights and sounds of Jerusalem by walking on the Old City Walls of Jerusalem on the Rampart. We will then visit St. Anne’s which is the ancient site for the Pool of Bethesda. As we make our way back to the hotel we will be introduced to the shopkeeper that makes LDS scripture covers, necklaces, etc. and after dinner those interested can peruse olive wood carvings from the shopkeepers who have been making LDS Olive Wood pieces for over 30 years. We enjoy a relaxed evening and overnight in Jerusalem.

Today we consider Jesus and Mary during their teenage years as we visit Nazareth and the surrounding areas. We will drive up north and our first stop features the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and represents the spot where the first Gentile convert joined the Church and the Gospel spread to the world. Paul was imprisoned for 2 years here and also departed for his 4 historic missionary journeys. We will view the ancient theater and aqueducts before making our way north to Mount Carmel. On Mt. Carmel is a great view of the Jezreel Valley (Valley of Armageddon). From this vantage point we will discuss Armageddon, the 2nd Coming and the future of this Holy Land as well as reenact the remarkable story of Elijah and the Priests of Baal. Following lunch, near Carmel, we travel to Nazareth and from Mount Precipice we will have an amazing view of Nazareth, Mt Tabor and the surrounding area. We conclude our day with a visit to the Nazareth Village which will give a glimpse into 1st century life. Checking into our Hotel this evening is a joy. Every room is only steps away from the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This evening you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening strolling on the Sea shores, etc.

Today we spend our day seeing the sights and sounds surrounding the Sea of Galilee. We begin with a visit to a beautiful overlook of the Sea of Galilee on Mount Arbel. Next we visit the Mount of Beatitudes where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered. Lunch is a unique experience where those interested can enjoy St. Peter’s Fish. Next we visit Peter’s Primacy where we will discuss John 21. This afternoon we will visit Magdala (birthplace of Mary Magdalene) followed by Yardenit at the Jordan River (Jesus’ traditional baptismal site). We then drive around the Sea of Galilee to our Hotel. We enjoy another relaxing evening enjoying the Sea of Galilee.

Today we explore more of the Galilee area where Jesus spent the majority of His ministry as well as some other significant scriptural sites. Our first adventure of the day is boarding a small fishing boat and crossing the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum. On our way we cut the engines & have a short discussion. On shore we’ll visit Capernaum. Next we will drive to the very north border of Israel where we will look over into Lebanon and Syria. We will enjoy a short nature hike to view the ancient city and alter at Tel Dan. Our next stop is at Banias, the ancient site of Caesarea Philippi, where Peter was promised to receive the Keys of the Kingdom and is declares as ‘the Rock’. As we bus our way home we will travel on the Golan Heights where we can look over into Syria. We again overnight in the Galilee.

Today we visit and consider the events leading up to the death of the Savior and the final days of His mortal ministry. As we make our way back to Jerusalem we pass through the Green Line and parts of the West Bank and will take this opportunity to discuss the current political situation, borders, and history. As we pass Bet She’an we will consider the ‘Fall of Saul’. We drive by Jericho and then make a stop at the Jordan River (Children of Israel River Crossing and Jesus’ baptismal site). Following lunch we will enjoy a quick visit to Qumran (discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and also have the unique experience of taking a float in the Dead Sea. You cannot sink! From here we make our way up to Jerusalem. We will visit Bethany and Lazarus’ Tomb and conclude our day with a unique walk through the flowing waters in Hezekiah’s Tunnel. We overnight in Jerusalem.

Today is one of our most significant as we venture through the wonders of the ‘Eternal City’ and retrace the events and sites of the final moments of the Saviors Life! We begin in the Upper Room where the Savior held the Last Supper. From here we trace His steps to the Garden of Gethsemane (Church of all Nations). We next visit Caiaphas’ Palace (St. Peter of Gallicantu) where Jesus went before the Sanhedrin and where Peter allegedly denied Christ thrice. Following lunch we enjoy a stop at the Antonio Fortress (Jesus before Pilate) and from here we will follow the Via Dolorosa (or Path of Suffering), the path Jesus carried His cross to Golgotha. Next we will reflect on the burial & resurrection of the Savior as we visit the two possible sites for Golgotha & Calvary. First we visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher [believed site for many Christians] and then the Garden Tomb [where others feel is the true site]. We will discuss the crucifixion and resurrection of the Savior and the majesty of the final moments of His mortal ministry! We overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 11 (Sat Jan 1st): CHURCH / MT OF OLIVES 
This will be the last time we visit the Mt of Olives for our final discussion in the Orson Hyde Memorial Park (Church regulated property and where some feel is the real ‘Garden of Gethsemane’). From the Mt of Olives Jesus officially concludes His mortal ministry on that continent (Acts 1) and fittingly we will in similar fashion conclude our study here as well. After attending a Sacrament Meeting at the BYU Jerusalem Center we we will wander down the Mt. of Olives and pass thousands of Jewish graves, including those of the Biblical Prophets; Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi. We make a brief stop at the ‘Teardrop Church’ and then enjoy lunch in a unique local place near the Old City. This evening enjoy our “Last Supper” and overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 12 (Tues Jan 2nd): FLY HOME
Today we will be reunited with our loved ones in the USA!


PRICE for Israel & Bethlehem Portion: $3,500 per person double occupancy
[These prices include all visas, fuel surcharges, 2 meals daily, entrance fees and transportation, service materials and tools. Not included would be $120 for tips and airfare to and from Tel Aviv]

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: $500 per person.

ROOMMATES: Those traveling SOLO may sign up for accommodations on a share basis and will be assigned roommates as circumstances permit. If a roommate is unavailable, the participant will be notified of the adjusted price prior to departure.

CANCELLATION FEES: A $25 fee will be charged by Anderson Tours, LLC for all cancellations until 60 days prior to departure, at which time the fee will be $100. In addition, all cancellation charges imposed by airlines, hotels, vendors, operators, etc., will be passed on to the participant.


  • First-class, top quality Tour with experienced Tour Directors
  • All airline travel mentioned in the program (which includes all 3 in country flights in Egypt but does NOT include the international flight). If you    would like us to help you arrange your international flights to Tel Aviv which is a free service we provide and also includes Travel Insurance in the price of the airline ticket. We can add the international flight to your total amount due.
  • Private, deluxe Air-Conditioned Motor Coach
  • Hotel Accommodations (5 and 4 star hotels)
  • Cold Bottled Water will be available for purchase on board bus
  • Two Meals Daily (breakfast and lunch or dinner) as indicated in the detailed itinerary
  • All Admission and Entrance Fees to sites specified in the itinerary
  • Country Visas, Airport as well as other Departure Taxes

Early reservations are strongly recommended, and a Deposit of $500 per person is required at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due 60 days prior to departure. Applications received after this date should include full payment. Any payments made after this date should also include also include full payment. Any payments made 30 days prior to departure must be in the form of a money order. Checks should be made payable to Anderson Tours. All cancellation penalties are the responsibility of the participant.

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Good Health is encouraged for our Israel Tours!

Items of a personal nature, such as souvenirs; excess baggage or portage charges; personal, trip, or baggage insurance; room service; laundry; phone charges; food or beverages not part of the group menu; tips (about $150); gratuities for special services; expenses incurred on personal activities not included where group participation is not specified in the itinerary; international flight to TLV is not included but we are more than able to assist in arranging flights.