Anderson Tours Church Heritage & American History Tours

Church History and Teachings of the Living Prophets was a focus and specialty of our father; A. Gary Anderson. He LOVED Church History and passed that love onto each of his children. Gary directed over a dozen Church History T0urs and made sure each of his 9 children had at least one experience visiting the Church History sites. Most of them had more than one personal experience of being taught by their father on site for both Church History and Holy Land sites. This would prove to be an important part of the Legacy he left behind.

In 2002 Anderson Tours began offering Church History/American Heritage Tours in conjunction with the Nauvoo Temple Dedication. Clark & Ron had already directed several Church History Tours and combined their experience to carry on their fathers’ legacy by offering another special Tour experience to add to the Anderson Tours tour offerings.

The Anderson Tours Church History/American Heritage experience is unique in many ways. We feel strongly about establishing an American Heritage background for the events of the Restoration. With visits to Gettysburg, Washington DC, Independence Hall and Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the first US Congress Building in the United States in New York City all provide an ideal backdrop for our visits to our Church History sites.

Another important was that our Tours are unique is the fact that we are one of the only tour groups that visit ALL the sites from Harmony, Pennsylvania all the way to the ‘This is The Place’ Monument in the Salt Lake Valley. Most tour groups only go as far as Nauvoo, Missouri, or Winter Quarters, but we feel by doing so that you miss out on a great deal of important and significant events in Church History. Our Church History/American Heritage Tour is complete and comprehensive and our tour in July is carefully calculated to include all of the Church Pageant offerings; Hill Cumorah Pageant, Nauvoo Pageants, etc.

We invite you to join one of our unique and powerful Church History/American Heritage Tour offerings in 2017 or in the years to come. You will not regret it!

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