Our Team

Our Team

With more than 60 years of experience serving clients nationwide, our team is dedicated to help our clients and our community. 

Dr. Clark D Anderson

Clark is a founding partner who handles and oversees all company operations. Clark has directed over 70 tours and is the founder of International Travel Studies (ITS) with various programs around the world. Clark enjoys humanitarian work as well and has directed multiple Service Tours. He is also the President of the Revive Now Foundation (non-profit organization).

Dr. Ron Anderson

Ron is currently on the Religion Faculty at BYU-Idaho and has his Doctorate degree in Hebrew and Middle Eastern studies. Ron was a faculty member at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near-eastern Studies and has directed multiple tours to the Holy Land, Church History, and Europe. He is a Beast!

Hal Anderson

Hal and his wife Julie are currently serving as Mission Presidents of the Adriatic South Mission. Professionally Hal served as President and CFO of Soltis Investment Advisors. Hal has extensive experience in the Holy Land and is a powerful teacher.

Kim Anderson

Kim is currently serving as President of Soltis Investment Advisors and is also serving as Stake President in his stake in St. George. Kim has extensive experience in the Holy Land and is a passionate teacher and constant student of eternal truths. Kim is co-directing our Holy Land Tour in 2019 and 2020.


Angela Anderson Hill

Angela is the mother of 10 children and just might be the most impressive of all the Anderson children. She is a full time mom and is everything for everyone. She is a gifted pianist and flutist as well. She plays racquetball regularly and loves and lives the Gospel.


Tyler Anderson

Tyler is the youngest of the Anderson children and in many ways the most gifted. Tyler married an incredible woman from Peru and they have 3 beautiful children who are all skilled soccer players. Tyler works for JetBlue and loves to travel.


Jan Anderson

Jan in the third oldest and spent his professional career as an educator and also starting, owning, and regulating his own landscaping company; JAZZ Landscaping. Jan sustained a life threatening brain injury several years ago and is our miracle child! He is a blessing wherever he goes.


Tiffany Anderson Sorenson

Tiffany is the second youngest and extremely gifted in many ways, but may be the best hostess and ministeress this side of the Mississippi. She knows what it means to love and nurture people. We look forward to her becoming more involved in the daily operations of our tours.


Lori Anderson Moss

Lori is the middle girl in the Anderson Family and is also the most tender hearted. She currently lives in Layton, Utah and works as a secretary at Layton High School. She was the Utah Female athlete of the year her senior year in High School and played college volleyball. She is incredibly valiant and a blessing to all who know her.