The answer is simple; your experience! At Anderson Tours, we take your experience seriously. We understand the sacred and delicate nature of visiting holy sites on an organized tour. So much of your experience depends on the attitudes, philosophies and motivations of the people organizing the tour and those directing the experience. At Anderson Tours, our mission statement is Alma 36:24;


“Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.”


This verse describes beautifully the reasons Anderson Tours came to be and the desires it embraces. Anderson Tours’ whole intent is for each traveler to be edified by the Spirit and draw closer to our Creator. This driving philosophy is evident in everything we do. At Anderson Tours we are not focused on filling buses, we are striving to provide life changing experiences that will improve Gospel understanding and strengthen testimonies!


Several things set us apart from other companies. One of them is we are very direct with you about the price of our Tours. With us there are NO HIDDEN COSTS (be careful with this with other organizations). Another critical difference is we feel strongly that GROUP SIZE has a big impact to the type of experience you have at these sites. Getting lost in the crowd, just being one of many, struggling to hear what is being taught, etc are not experiences our groups have. At Anderson Tours maximizing your experience spiritually is our main objective not maximizing seat occupants and this is most often evidenced in group sizes!  We do all we can to ensure that your LDS Israel Tour & LDS Church History Tour is insightful, uplifting, edifying, educational, enjoyable and most importantly a spiritual and scriptural experience. We feel this can only be accomplished with a manageable group size. We limit our Tours to one bus load to maximize your experience. With Anderson Tours you will receive a personalized experience and feel valued and appreciated.


Above all else, Anderson Tours does not cut corners on your experience! It is possible that other companies offer similar travel options and itineraries as Anderson Tours. However, after comparing the overall experience; price, and group size it is clear that no other tours can compete with what you will get for your money when you travel with us. Other companies may cut corners to save money and bring costs down. Sadly, the experience you could have also gets cut when this is done. At Anderson Tours, your experience is paramount. Because we understand that your trip with us may be the only time you will get to visit these sites, we give you the best experience possible at every one. Although this may not be the most convenient or cost effective for the company, it is top on our list of priorities—to help make your Anderson Tours experience the very best.


Second, our experience enhances your experience! We are a company that specializes in scriptural tours and in providing sacred and meaningful experiences at various scriptural sites throughout the world. Our directors are all very experienced with the historical sites we visit, but most importantly they have dedicated their lives to understanding and teaching the scriptures. Because of this, our directors can do more than provide you with a list of interesting facts about the places you visit. Our directors know how to help you bring the scriptures to life at each site. After returning home your scripture study will be greatly enhanced as you recount principles, feelings, and memories that you experienced while studying the scriptures with us. We advocate that ‘you will never read the scriptures the same way again’ and we believe that is true! It is no wonder that with Anderson Tours you will constantly be reminded, “Don’t Forget to Bring Your Scriptures!”


Finally, the memories you will create with Anderson Tours will last a lifetime. The places that you see will become cherished thoughts, as well as the friendships made with your fellow tour participants. We invite you to explore what previous participants are saying about their LDS Israel and Egypt Tour as well as their LDS Church History Tour experiences with Anderson Tours


What people are saying about their Anderson Tours experience:


“Our memories are so sweet of the tour and I can honestly say that it changed my life. There were a couple of things I heard and felt that made such strong impressions on me that they changed not only the way I think, but also my behavior. That’s pretty incredible.”

Clay and Cookie Overson


“The whole trip was wonderful. It went far above my expectations. Everything was perfect. Star-gazing from the top of the ruins of Becan was awesome! “Spanish for singles” on the bus was hilarious! The way our director organized and utilized the committees was fantastic. It got everyone involved. In three days I felt so close to everyone on the trip. Everything was so well organized and well prepared. I was particularly surprised at all the spiritual experiences we had. I feel it is important to have spiritual experiences. Our sacrament and testimony meeting and Brother Redd’s presentation at Dzibanche, with the time to go off by ourselves, was one of the highlights of my life.”

Stacey Craig


“The neatest thing to me was being able to share the gospel. It was an incredible opportunity to open my eyes and discover how much I need to prepare for a mission. But also it showed me you don’t have to be an expert to share the gospel. I feel more comfortable now, sharing it any time, anywhere. I now have a better understanding of, gratitude for, and solidified pictures in my mind as I read the Book of Mormon.”

Kirtley Sorenson


“All of the presentations were spiritually insightful and I enjoyed them immensely. I have a stronger testimony and desire for obedience because of them. I now have a stronger testimony, greater faith and less inhibitions about sharing the gospel. Missionary work was one of the highlights for me.”

Julie Kleinman


“This trip helped me to grow up! I appreciate everything in my life more than I ever have before. It opened my eyes to the outside world. I have grown closer to the people on our trip. I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father and the Savior. This has been one of the best spiritually growing experiences of my life.”

Jessica Adamson


“I loved all the presentations done … at the sites. They brought the Book of Mormon to life and helped me to think deeper about the stories, doctrines, and principles it teaches. I now have a stronger testimony of the gospel including its impact and consistency throughout the world.”

Jennifer Banks

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