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Anderson Tours Israel Holy Land Options:


Our Holy Land Tours are our family specialty! We have been learning about, studying, and orchestrating impactful Holy Land Tours for over forty years! Our father A. Gary Anderson was director at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies on two separate occasions which allowed the entire Anderson Family two entire semesters to learn about the culture, history, language, and ways of the Middle East.


2018 Israel Holy Land Tours:


April 26th - May 5th, 2018 Spring Israel Tour (Learn More)

June 7th - June 16th, 2018   Summer Israel Tour (Learn More)

Aug 14th - Aug 23rd, 2018 Petra & Jordan (Learn More)

Dec 22nd - Jan 1st, 2018  Christmas Holy Land Service Tour (Learn More)

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American Heritage & Church History Tour

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Anderson Tours American Heritage & Church History Tour Options:

Church History is a focus and specialty of Anderson Tours. Gary and his children have directed over 40 Church History Tours and they have perfected the Church History/American Heritage Tour experience. We believe an American Heritage background helps put the Restoration in proper context. Our Church History Tour is the most comprehensive on the market, beginning in Gettysburg and ending in the SL Valley!


2018 American Heritage & Church History Tours:   (Learn More)


Oct 8th - Oct 22nd Anderson Tours Church Heritage Tour   (Learn More)




Book of Mormon Lands Tour

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Anderson Tours Book of Mormon Tour Options:


We acknowledge the fact that there are a variety of theories on the location of Book of Mormon Lands events. Our Tours to Central America explore the Book of Mormon theories in that beautiful part of the world. Join us on our unforgettable scriptural journey to Book of Mormon Lands to Mesoamerica with Dr. Clark Anderson, Dr. Ron Anderson as tour guides with the expertise of Jeffrey Burrows as local tour guide to visit important places of interest in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico beginning in 2017.


2018 Book of Mormon Lands Tours:


Sept 19th - Sept 28th Book of Mormon Lands Tour (Learn More)







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Book of Mormon Land Tours

Education / Historical Cruises / Service Cruises / Relationship Cruises / Couples / Singles

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Anderson Tours Cruise Options:


The Andersons have spent the past few decades developing meaningful cruise experiences in the form of Service Cruises, Relationship Cruises, as well as Educational Cruises. Anderson Tours is pleased to be able to offer a variety of significant, impactful, and meaningful cruise experiences for all ages. (Learn More)


2018 Cruise Schedule, Ship, and Port City:


November 2018 (Israel & Middle East Cruise)

February 2019 (Relationship Cruise)


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