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We understand the sacred and delicate nature of visiting holy sites on an organized tour. So much of your experience depends on the attitudes, philosophies and motivations of the people organizing the tour and those directing the experience.

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May 2018

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June 2018

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Our expertise is in providing sacred and meaningful experiences at various scriptural and historical sites throughout the world. With over 40 years of experience and tour development we guarantee you a very impactful and personalized tour. The Anderson Tours story began decades ago with Dr. A. Gary & Annette Anderson. Gary taught Religion for over 25 years. He was an extraordinary man with a unique ability to touch lives and believed in the 'Spirit of Place'. During his time at the University he directed several historican and scriptural tours for the University Travel Study program and allowed all 9 of his children to travel with him on multiple occasions. They took their initial experience with their father and perfected it over decades of refinement and research and now provide hundreds with educational, on-site learning that is not only powerful, but unforgetable and life changing. Gary & Annette's passion for the 'Spirit of Place' was contagious and is undeniable when you participate in the personal nature of an Anderson Tours experience. We specialize in small, personalized tour groups and keep them small to maximize the impact of YOUR personalized experience. Maintaining small groups is one of the secrets that puts our experience head and shoulders above all others. Come...See...and Feel why and how the 'Spirit of Place' comes alive with Anderson Tours!

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